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Speech and Drama


In Speech and Drama we aim to develop in our pupils the ability  to communicate effectively which, in turn, builds self-confidence. We cover the following areas; poetry, improvisation, mime, sight/ prepared reading, solo, duo and group acting: public speaking and work on correcting speech faults. The students work in small groups with individual attention from the teacher. Each year all students aged 5 years and over are entered into a local drama festival. Over the years students have gained very good gradings, including many gold, silver & bronze medals. In addition, all students take the New Era Academy examinations. Over the last 20 years all our students have passed their exams, and frequently gained Distinctions & Merits. During the year the whole school joins together to present a musical theatre production which is both challenging and rewarding and brings the school together as all ages integrate.

At Eveline Day School every student is encouraged to take part in all forms of speech and drama.

We believe that drama helps students express their ideas and feelings through a range of dramatic forms. It also helps them to gain confidence in their own ability to communicate to others verbally and non-verbally.

Drama is used in exchanging experiences and cultural traditions and can provide opportunities for liaison between schools and community. Drama can enhance the study of other curriculum areas i.e. history role-play.

Weekly assemblies enable students to perform in front of a small audience in plays and poetry recitals. All students take part in the annual Christmas Musical production. The Senior class culminate the end of the year with Graduation ceremony which involves drama, music and dance.

Private drama lessons are available in the school, most students take part in these lessons where they enter New Era Speech and Drama exams and drama festivals.

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