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Chess has been persuasively linked with improving children's concentration, problem-solving, critical, original and creative thinking – and even mathematical abilities. It is also said to help with memory storage and how young brains manage information – and should not only be perceived as a game for gifted children.


‘Chess helps to develop children’s critical thinking and reasoning, encourages them to plan ahead, and teaches them that their actions have consequences,’ says Malcolm Pein, chief executive of Chess in Schools.


London & UK Based Chess Clubs For Juniors


At EDS we believe that chess is an important game for children to play a students’ from Years One to Seniors take part in Chess Club on a Monday evening after school. “Mindful Chess Club” provides children of all ages opportunities to learn chess. They are working with schools across the UK to offer chess clubs for beginners and experienced players alike. In addition to teaching basic chess skills, they offer coaching for students who are striving to compete at a national level.

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