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Every Child is Valued

At Eveline Day School, we believe that there is nothing more important than your child’s education. As educators, we want to give them the best possible start in life. Their school experience should be a happy one founded not on learning alone, but on relationships formed and values shared.


We are a community where every individual matters –we offer the opportunity for everyone to find their own route to success  wherever their talents and interests lay.


At Eveline Day School we are proud of the enriched, happy multi-cultural community that we nurture. Like any good family we encourage the children to challenge themselves in everything they undertake, but above all we want the children to find the process of growing up inspirational and fun. Every child enjoys making friends and developing their talents and is capable of success.

We encourage children to grow academically and emotionally which enables each child to develop their full potential.


It is our job to ensure success is achieved within a caring and committed environment, where every child belongs and is valued.


We welcome you to our school to discuss how Eveline Day School can meet your aspirations and above all to reflect what is best for your son or daughter.


Please contact me on 0208 673 3188 or email


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