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Pastoral Care

We pride ourselves on the high standards of additional care for our students, "they are highly valued as individuals and their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is outstanding".


We are unique in that we provide additional hours either side of the school timetable. Children are able to start their day at 7.30am with a welcoming breakfast before beginning their lessons, a wholesome lunch is also provided at midday. We actively encourage healthy eating through our carefully devised meal plans and the children are taught about sensible lifestyle choices.

We offer a late afternoon nourishing tea which is followed by optional school activities and clubs until 6.30pm.

Our extended hours allow the children to take part in a variety of after school activities which enhance their learning.


"Pupils' growing self-confidence is demonstrated by their willingness to use their initiative" (Ofsted).


Pupils enjoy coming to school and there is a real sense of bonding which is reflected through their strong friendships. Our school encourages respect between pupils, staff and parents. 


EDS invites all cultures and religions from a broad spectrum of backgrounds to enjoy celebrations of multicultural festivals and events.


We encourage positive behaviour throughout the school which promotes a productive contribution to their learning. The children work well within the ‘family’ atmosphere of the school and are taught through every step of their learning journeys.


"Pupils' safety is a high priority with staff"and "there are very detailed child protection and safeguarding procedures in place" (Ofsted). 


Our dedicated staff have extensive training in many areas of child welfare and safety and are constantly being updated on new developments.


One of our parents commented that ‘the school is a fantastic place for children to learn – a calm, caring and encouraging environment’