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The Eveline Day and Nursery School

Sponsored Walk Saturday 17th May 2014


Congratulations and a very big 'Thank you' to all of the children, parents and staff who took part in the walk.


The weather was excellent, and most people managed to walk the Tamisn Trail in 3 hours. We are raised money that year to buy medical equipment. 2 of the students from the school, Miriam and Sara Peel are from Malawi and thier parents are doctors who have close links to Kamuza Paediatric Centre and Bwaila neonatal ward. We would like to buy an 'Oxygen Concentrator' that costs £1,200 and other much needed equipment to help children in Malawi. All of the money that was raised went to this very worthwhile cause.


Further money were raised at our annual fete with our auction and raffle to make a grand total of £5000.00



August 2014 Malawi


Our ambassadors Miriam and Sara Peel visited Kamuzu Central Hospital in Malawi and saw the two CPAP devices plus assorted nasal prongs and bubble valve bottles that EDS raised money for

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