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Would you like your kid to learn the second most spoken language in the world? After Chinese, Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world with 487 million native speakers. With English being the 3rd one with 379 million, would you imagine your kid being able to talk with, potentially, 900 million people?


“With languages, you are at home anywhere” - Edmund De Waal


My name is Paula, KS1 Spanish Teacher at Eveline Day School, and learning foreign languages was always a big challenge for me. Science says that when we are young we can learn foreign language much faster.


When I was a kid, I did nothing for learning a new language, and later I discovered that learning a new language was essential for my live. Years later, I started to study a foreign language, in my case English, and that was very challenged for me for many reasons: first, I was not a kid and new phonics were very difficult to pronounce as my mouth muscles were not able to reproduce them easily. Second, the language lessons I had, were boring and monotonous, mostly grammar based.


The final result was that I only was able to fill gaps in pre-cooked exercises and not able to communicate with anybody. I thought I wouldn’t be able to talk with a native speaker ever, until I discover a new way of learning: learning by having fun and enjoying while the lesson is taking place.


All my Spanish lesson are designed to avoid my previous personal pains. They are interactive, dynamic, fun and useful in real conversations. Your kid will be a character of a funny story planned and written and interpreted by themselves.


During this process, he or she will learn the basics for having their first conversations in Spanish, such as greetings, colours, parts of the body, food and much more!


After this first Edition of Spanish Club, your children will have opened their doors for the future. You probably are asking yourself: Why this classes are effective? Your kid won´t think they are in a lesson. He will learn by having fun, the best way of learning for everybody.


I will avoid all the mistakes my previous language teachers did with myself, such as heavily grammar-based exercises and forget about teaching how to talk, and not just filling gaps in pre-cooked sentences within the exercises.


What experience the teacher has?


I am a native Spanish Primary Teacher with several years teaching Spanish in UK. I design my own learning materials for my students adapting the level to each one to develop their skills individually.


Why this club?


Learning foreign languages opens many doors for your kid's future. Within this club, your kid will learn a lot but having fun, will work in a team with their class mates and all of this using Spanish as the communication vehicle.


My kid is tired, and he just want to have fun after school: Absolutely! That´s one of the reasons why these short lessons are all based in games and funny activities. They will learn, of course, but also have a lot of fun with their classmates.


Planning Spanish club  KS1 - KS2

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