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Things Happen.

Sports Day

Music Recital

Richmond Sponsored Walk

Theodora Childrens Trust


On Sunday 22nd September Mums, Teachers and Grandmothers took on the Tough Mudder challenge, London South 2019.

All funds to go to “Little Village.”



We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded with the ‘Music Mark’ accreditation.


The school was nominated by Wandsworth Music Services to become part of this national organisation for music education. The letter we received said ‘We would like to thank you for all the hard work you and your colleagues do to ensure that pupils at your school are able to access and engage with a high-quality music education. Your dedication to offering and delivering a broad and balanced curriculum is both welcomed and celebrated.’

We are very proud of the children’s achievements in music and by being nominated and awarded with this membership, we hope to be able to offer the children even more musical opportunities.

Writers Poetry Award

Young Writers Poetry Wonderland Competition, Spring 2019


We have just heard that Isabella is one of ten children -  out of 21,000 entrants - to win a prize for her poem in this competition.


Well done Isabella - we are so proud of you!

I Decided To Live In My Fish Tank

I decided to live in my fish tank,
To experience life under the sea.
I made myself small, but not too small,
So the fish wouldn't think to eat me.
A shrimp race was soon to be starting
So I saddled up and clambered on.
I whispered to my shrimp that I'd feed him
So he spun all his legs and he won.
The guppies were having a fashion show,
Their tails made me feel underdressed,
So I stitched together some seashells
And my outfit was judged the best.
It was time to start the snail Olympics,
But the events were not going well.
One snail had choked on some lettuce
And the others refused to come out of their shells.
Outside, I had missed my dinnertime,
So my dad scooped me out with a net.
He didn't really care about my adventures,
He just told me off for being so wet.

by Isabella

Eveline Day School, London



Our Road Safety workshop at school was really fun. At first we listened to what it means to be safe on the road and what is not safe. We learnt the four important words of things you always have to do when you cross the road which are:





This year’s Christmas Recital was very special. For the first time we had soloists who led their classes beautifully; Alayna who is in Year One had the confidence to sing by herself and led her class in the song.’  “ I Close My Eyes ” from Joseph. Julien in Senior class with his beautiful chorale voice also led his peers with “I’m walking in the Air” and George, with his soulful voice then sang the first words of ‘Tears in heaven” all the songs touched the hearts of the audience. The class poems, orchestra, songs and dance moves in various genres of songs, took the audience through various emotions of foot tapping, joy, laughter and tears. We all felt highly elated after the show and realise that the season of goodwill and Christmas is upon us once again. We would like to thank all of the students and teachers for helping the show be so wonderful.