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Eco Club

Our Eco Club is supported by the Year 6 prefects.  It holds weekly meetings attended by representatives from Upper Reception to Year 6.   Children do activities, watch videos and learn about regional and national Eco-Campaigns. 


  • Esme – Plastic pollution and cleaning our oceans

  • Arthur – keeping rivers clean

  • Paul – Using ‘ECOSIA’ as a search engine to help world tree planting

  • Mischa and Paul - Fair Trade Fortnight and Rain Forest Alliance

  • David Attenborough Film


As well as Eco-Club activities, whole school eco initiatives are promoted through assemblies and Votes for Schools. Examples include:


  • Votes for Schools – Would you go vegetarian (KS1) vegan (KS2) for a month

  • Votes for Schools – Could we live without single use plastic?

  • Whole School:  Visit/workshop – WRWA (Western Riverside Waste Authority)

  • Litter picking on the common

  • Switch-off Fortnight – whole school initiative

  • Listen to messages from the tree planters for “Ecosia” with Paul in Year 6

  • Find out more about recycling at school; ‘heart’ pledges for the school and KS2 write a letter to people in charge collecting waste at school.

  • Responsible Consumerism – Young Money Challenge – UR to Year 6 (Lessons and activities and then children make posters on a choice of ‘Saving Energy, Reducing food waste or upcycling clothes’

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