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Great importance is placed on the teaching of English within day-to-day learning at Eveline Day School. The development of English skills is seen as a key part of the curriculum, as these skills underpin success in every subject. The skills focused on can be largely grouped into distinct but interrelated areas: phonics (in the Lower School); reading for meaning and pleasure; writing for different purposes and audiences; handwriting and spelling; speaking and listening. Children progress in each of these skills as they move through the school. We aim to foster a life-long passion for reading and an appreciation of literature in every child as reading enjoyment is the most important factor in children's educational and later success. From participation in the ‘Power of Reading’ development programme, author visits during Book Week, participation in poetry competitions, library visits, focused studies of an author’s works and Shakespeare workshops at The Globe Theatre in Year 5 and 6, our school is enlivened by the magical world opened up through a love of the written and spoken word.

English Introduction

English Policy 2019

Marking Policy 2019

English Curriculum Year KS1

English Curriculum Year LKS2

English Curriculum UKS2

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