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Votes for schools

Votes for Schools is a new initiative we started this School year September 2019.

It involves the children being asked a question which relates to the current times. Through discussions, videos and activities the children vote “yes” or "no" to the question.


It is an effective tool for delivering SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social, and Cultural) development and supports British Values, Prevent, PSHE and Citizenship through whole class discussion.

A weekly vote pack in Powerpoint format is presented to the children each week. Children discuss the materials and vote, and the results  are compared with how other children have voted across the country.


The  results of our votes can be found in the links below.

"Do you enjoy reading?" KS1 and KS2

“Should you always put your friends first?” (KS1) and “Could you support a friend struggling with their mental health?” (KS2)

Was 2019 an important year? KS1 KS2

Could anyone become homeless? KS2

Are disabilities still misunderstood? KS1 KS2

Do you think it is possible to reduce bullying in your school? KS1 Ks2

KS2 “Are young people interested in politics?”, KS1 “Would you like to be a politician?”

Are super-size classes the future? KS1 KS2

Can music teach us about black history? KS1 KS2

Do you know what is good for your body? KS1 and KS2

Can we live without single use plastic? KS1 KS2

Is Gaming Good for You? KS2

Are World Leaders Listening to Us? KS1 KS2

Should borders exist? (KS2) / Should we be able to live wherever we like? (KS1)

KS2: Would you pay for a better grade? KS1: Is it important to make mistakes?

KS2: Do superhero films promote a healthy body image? KS1: Should we compare ourselves to others?

Is it fair to shut down a city over climate change? (KS2)/ Would you go to a protest about climate change? (KS1)

Should we have a 3 day weekend? KS1 Ks2

Has Brexit broken Parliament (KS2)? / Do you know what a good leader should be like (KS1)?

Should Junk Food Ads be Banned? KS1 KS2

Should you always give people a second chance (Yrs 1-4)?

Should the government be able to take away citizenship (Yrs 5&6)?

Is speaking English enough? KS1 KS2

Can you achieve anything you want to? KS1 KS2

Should you have to be an adult to get married? KS1 KS2

Are there enough role models on TV? KS1 KS2

Do you think memorials are important? Whole School

Can you spot a healthy relationship? Whole School

Are you going to add bugs to your diet in 2019? KS1 KS2

Does Christmas start too early? KS1 KS2

Should uncontacted tribes be left alone? KS1 KS2

Are your local shops disability-friendly? KS1 KS2

Would you ‘Sharent’? KS1 Ks2

Could you make your community a safer place? Whole School

Do anonymous apps make bullying worse? (KS2) / Can you spot online bullying? (KS1)

Should education be a top priority in time of crisis? KS1 KS2

Do you think Banksy’s recent stunt is art? KS1 KS2

Do Aliens Exist? KS1 KS2

Is this year’s Black History Month more important than ever? KS1 KS2

Is it important for you to know about Brexit? KS1 KS2

Should we give half of Earth to wild animals? KS1 KS2

Can we treat everyone equally in the UK? KS1 & KS2

Would you like the police to spend more time in your school? KS1 KS2

Should Eid be a holiday for everyone? KS1 KS2

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