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At Eveline Day School we want to develop our students’ love of sport and recreation. This encourages children to incorporate fitness into their daily lives and develop life-long participation.


We aim to:
• Provide opportunities for children to gain confidence with fundamental movement skills, spatial awareness and manipulative skills.
• Provide sport attitudes, values and sportmanship.
• Provide opportunities for students to be creative, competitive and to face up to the different challenges as individuals and in a team environment. 


We use local amenities for sports lessons which include:


Invasion Games; netball, football, tag rugby, handball, dodgeball Strike and Field; rounders, cricket, softball
Net and Wall; tennis, badminton
Athletics; short and long distance running, hurdles, long jump, javelin. Fitness, Gymnastics and Weekly Swimming Lessons. 

Football Curriculum

Netball Curriculum

EDS Sports Curriculum

PE and Sport Overview 

PE and Sport Policy 2019 to 2020

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